Wholly Guacamole Giveaway and Review!!!

Wholly Guacamole Giveaway by PamperedPaleo

Wholly Guacamole & Salsa completes me. Get it? It makes me whole…okay, I thought that was clever. Anyways, I’ve always been their biggest fan, and it’s an understatement to say I fan-girled A LOT when Jennifer Sawyer (from their public relations) emailed me asking if I would be interested in some samples, a review, and possibly a giveaway. Umm, DUH!!! I emailed back as soon as possible, and here I am a few days later with a smile on my face and TONS of guac in my fridge! For a full review of each of the products sent to me, just scroll down; they’re at the bottom of the page.
Wholly Guacamole Giveaway by PamperedPaleo Okay, I’m sure you’re sick of my bragging by now, so I’ll get to the point: you could have a fridge full of Wholly Guacamole too! I’m so happy to say that Wholly Guacamole has agreed to team up with me to host a giveaway on my blog. What you will receive is four flavors of guac, two salsas, and a mini guac pack. All of these products are all natural, gluten free, preservative free, and Kosher. I truly believe that Eat Wholly is a good, trustworthy company, and I’ve been enjoying their products for a very long time. I love being able to know I’m eating wholesome food that’s also easy to add some flavor to carrots, meat, and pretty much everything I eat. Wholly Guacamole & Salsa is one of my favorite companies, and I want my readers to be able to enjoy it just as much as I do.

To enter this giveaway you must:

  1. Be following @PamperedPaleo and @eatwholly on instagram
  2. Comment on this saying that you’ve done so, and tell me what you’ll use your guac for!

I will randomly draw the winner on Saturday, July 26th, and notify you by email. I can’t wait to hear from you guys!


I was so excited to come home from work to a huge box of guacamole. Like I’m pretty sure that’d make anyone happy. I wasn’t even expecting that much, but I’m tellin’ ya, this box was BIG. I opened it up and got a hand-written letter, pens, four boxes of guac, two salsas, a pack of mini guacs, tortilla chips, a tshirt, a chip clip, and an avocado stress ball (that’s so cute!!) It was so hard to get a picture before I ripped open the bag and tested out all of the dips, but don’t worry, I did it. And the second after the picture was taken, I inhaled the goodness.

Classic Guacamole: Before getting this package, I had tried the classic guac, avocado verde, and spicy guac. Classic was always my favorite, and it continues to be my favorite. There’s something about this one that Wholly Guacamole just nailed. It’s perfectly creamy with a few chunks of avocado here and there, and it’s flavor can’t even be described. I add it to just about all my meals. Eggs, carrots, cauliflower, sweet potato chips, plantain chips, pulled pork. You name it, I’ve put guac on it. It’s like that one song, “baby you’re so classic.” You just can’t go wrong with this.

Spicy Guacamole: So no, it’s not my favorite, but it’s still crazy good. I love this because it tastes more like homemade guacamole than the classic does. I like to use this one on actual Hispanic food like carne asada, enchiladas, etc.

Spicy Homestyle Guacamole: This is definitely a keeper. It had a unique flavor, that I wanted to say was dill (however, there’s no dill in it). I’ve only tried it on chips, and it was absolutely delicious. Not super spicy, but very flavorful. Just like the regular spicy guac, this one is more like homemade.

Wholly Avocado (100% Avocado): I don’t know if I could really even write an opinion on this. It’s literally mashed avocados. Well, actually, they were like perfectly mashed. If that’s a thing. Some chunky, some creamy. I’d love to add some salt and lime to this to add to food, or even make a sweet mousse with it.

Guacamole & Spicy Pico Salsa: This has the classic guacamole topped with pico, and it’s perfect for dipping chips in. The pico is pretty spicy, but I loved it. It goes great with the guacamole, and would be a great addition to a party or family dinner.

Avocado Verde: I’ve had this before, and I love that it’s so unique. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else combine salsa verde with avocados, and I’m not sure why because it’s amazing. For a week straight I ate this with PaleOMG’s Tex-Mex Hash Breakfast Casserole, and I didn’t get tired of it one bit. Yum, take me back to that week please.

Wholly Guacamole Minis in Classic: I didn’t actually open these because they’re the same as just classic guac, but I love the idea of them for two reasons. 1. I tend to overeat this stuff. It’s so addicting, and once I start I can’t stop. These are put into little 100 calorie packs for me, so that will be so helpful. 2. They’re perfect for on the go. You wouldn’t even be able to imagine how many times I’ve packed guac in tupperware for lunch or vacation, and it turned all brown and nasty. Problem solved with these little guys!!!

All in all, I’m sure you can tell I’m in love with Wholly Guacamole. Head over heels. We’re going to be married someday.

The opinions expressed above are 100% my own. I received product in exchange for this review and post. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”





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