GoPro is life

So this summer I started GoPro-ing as a way of working for my dad while still having fun. It was hands down one of the greatest ideas I’ve ever come up with, because to be honest I’m not sure we would have done all the crazy stuff we did if it hadn’t been for “doing it for the GoPro”. I’ve also learned that for every great GoPro video there are even greater screenshots. I know all the pros make it look like everything’s all badass, all the time, and for them it may be, but for us there’s just a lot of funny faces…and every once in a while something really cool happens or I capture a really beautiful scenery. I’ve come up with a hodgepodge of my favorite screenshots on my computer, but I promise there are many more, and it was so hard to pick the best. (If you ever need a good laugh, just ask me to see them.) I shared these on my new GoPro page, and you can go look at them there, but I’ll put a little preview below this as well. Feel free to share these and add your own captions, because they are very caption-able and I find it very funny. Thx.

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