Domestic Abuse: A Visual Essay

Love can sometimes be evil.


Even if you believe you’re in a perfect, happy relationship.Couple-Arguing2-706x1024Jealousy is normal, right? You should be okay with spending all of your time with your boyfriend. Friends and family come second.


You’re just not good enough for him. You should try harder for your relationship, and quit being so stupid.


If you keep it up, he’s going to hit you.


You don’t believe him…


Until it’s too late.

Domestic Abuse Cycle

It’s just the beginning of a never-ending cycle.

But you have the power to stop it. The power to say no more.


Whether you’re the victim or bystander of domestic abuse, you have the right to speak out...

Domestic Violence Month

Because it’s more deadly than you think. According to an article titled “My Friend, the Murder Statistic: Domestic Violence Seems Like Just a Number – Until It’s Someone You Know”, 100 women were killed as a result of domestic violence just last year.

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Call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or visit the Domestic Abuse Helpline website


Before it’s too late.

Photo Credits:

Happy Couple (#1)

Couple Arguing (#2)

Verbal Abuse (#3)

Male Posing Threat (#4)

Male With Belt (#5)

Woman Affected by Domestic Violence (#6)

Child Exposed to Domestic Abuse (#8)

30 Remarkable Designs of Domestic Violence Ads (gallery)

***All photos not credited contain hyperlinks with more information about domestic abuse

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