how to show yourself the love you so desperately deserve

How to Show Yourself the Love You So Desperately Deserve:

  1. Take long, hot showers.
  2. Sleep in fresh, cold sheets.
  3. Wear oversized sweatshirts to bed that make you want to cuddle with them, but make sure you wear something that makes you feel hot and confident during the day.
  4. Watch funny videos. And laugh…a lot.
  5. Laugh at your own jokes.
  6. Look at cute dog pictures daily.
  7. Read & write before you go to bed. Always read & write before you go to bed. Read a poem. Write a poem. Read The Bible. Write about your day. Read a novel. Heck, go ahead and write a novel. No one has to read what you it for you. Trust me.
  8. Eat some really delicious ice cream or cake (from The Chocolate Bar of course–order a Dark Chocolate Hazelnut; it comes with chocolate hazelnut cake, chocolate ganache, and tiramisu gelato. Just do it.)
  9. But make sure you eat your vegetables too…and protein.
  10. Cuddle up in fluffy blankets with some really high quality Chai tea and watch netflix or cuddle with your dog. Or watch netflix and cuddle with your dog. (blend this with this. best chai ever.)
  11. Do something new with your hair that you always thought was edgy, but were always too nervous of what people would think.
  12. Be inspired. Be inspired by people, by places, by concepts. Find something to spark inspiration.
  13. Go on a run. Start yoga. Try a new workout. It will make you feel good about yourself-I promise.
  14. Enjoy nature; enjoy life.
  15. Don’t waste time worrying about things that aren’t going to matter a year from now; the longer you hold a glass of water, the more difficult it becomes to carry.
  16. Listen to fun music that makes you want to dance.
  17. Buy a scentsy and some scents that smell really good.
  18. Love yourself.

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