food for thought 10|17|15

i’ve been feeling old lately because i keep realizing that i do not care at all what people think of me (like, yeah, i’m pretty weird, but umm…you’re like normal soo…)…and that’s what old people feel like, right? but makes me so sad when people are afraid to be their true selves, and here’s why:

first of all, no one really cares what you do. even if they do care, they don’t; a person’s judgement lasts 3 seconds before they begin to critique someone else.

second of all, why be someone who you aren’t? why not show the world your true colors so you can meet like-minded people who appreciate your talents?

third of all, at the end of the day you have yourself. who cares if you’re satisfying the demands of another when you aren’t the one gaining the reward? choose your happiness above all.

fourth of all, i’m sure the person you are, is amazing. because everyone is amazing, and everyone has their own uniqueness for a reason. you can change the world by embracing your passion. if you live according to society’s/your friends’/your parents standards, you will only ever be mediocre. find what it is that you love, and you will have the determination to become great at it.

fifth of all, if you’re doing what you’re doing for popularity, or likes or favorites or whatever else gives us a self-confidence boost, stop. i admittedly once lived like this as well. i can also proudly say that i have broken that curse. we often show off the person we want to be rather than the person we really are. don’t be afraid to show your flaws/your quirks/your sass..whatever makes you, you. don’t feel the need to be perfect all the time; there is attractiveness in vulnerability.

these five reasons are just the beginning of my never-ending rant, and they may not even convince you at all. however, if you learn to accept yourself for who you are, you are executing the greatest form of self-love. and, really, who doesn’t want that? the world needs more of it.

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