Basic Treadmill Interval Run


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It’s not that I hate running, it’s that I hate being out of breath. I mean, don’t we all? Also, I hate that I’m not good at running. Oh how I wish I was, but I just don’t have the body structure or genetics of a runner. However, I know that running is something that helps manage my weight, makes my cardiovascular system healthier, and is just a good thing to do all around. Therefore, I have found ways that make running less miserable for me, and this is the workout I do most often-especially during the winter when outdoor runs just are not possible. Below you will find my favorite run to do on the treadmill. Not only is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) great for you and your health, it makes running so much more enjoyable…for me, at least. Give it a try! You might just find that this is your new favorite run.

The following run has a warm-up followed by a HIIT session and ending with a cool-down. All movements are meant to be done in a row with no rests in between.


2-5 minutes at a jogging pace (I usually run at 6.5-6.7 mph)


30 second walk (3.5-4.5 mph)

30 second sprint (8.5 mph or higher)

Repeat the former combination until you hit the desired mileage. If I am lifting after, I usually go about a mile. If I am just doing cardio that day, I run anywhere from 2-3.5 miles. This is what works for me, but if it is easy for you, feel free to go longer distances or at faster paces. If this is too hard for you, feel free to go less distance or slow down your pace.


2-5 minute walk at an easy pace (3-3.5 mph)


Happy Running! :)


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