weekly workouts + the best workout shoes ever!

Guys, I’ve finally met my match. These shoes: Nike Juvenates. So far I have them in just grey and black, but I’m thinking that I really need the “enamel green / spring leaf”…enamel green??? Isn’t enamel the nasty stuff on your teeth? Update: I just looked it up, and enamel is actually a glossy coating. Don’t mind me.

ANYWAYS…I like them a lot. They’re super comfy and are the only shoes that have not given me shin splints–even after lots and lots of running. I also lift in them and they are so cushiony. They give me all the support I need while feeling like I have nothing on my feet. Also, they have a higher heel, so squatting with them on is super great! My feet are the flattest you will ever see, so it’s hard to find shoes that don’t rub me the wrong way–but these guys don’t! 10/10 for all of your cardio AND weight-lifting needs for sure. The best part of all, though, may be their price. You definitely get enough bang for your buck with these guys that run from as low as $56. Grab them on Amazon Prime NOW and you’ll know what I’m talking about in just two days. :-)

And once you order them, make sure to try at least one of these killer workouts that I did this week:

Monday – Chest, Shoulders, and Abs:

Then 4 x 8 of each:

  • Power Clean and Jerk (55# for all sets)
  • Incline Bench (55# for first two sets, 60# for last two)
  • Flat Bench (65# for all sets)
  • Decline Bench (55# for all sets)

Then 4 x 12 of each:

  • DB Shoulder Press (15# for all sets)
  • Lateral Raises (10# for first two sets, 15# for last two)

Then 2 x 20 of each:

  • Bicycles
  • Obliques (20 on each side)
  • Windshield Wipers

Once I was done working out, I got a nice stretch in and then hit the sauna because I admit I did not eat the greatest this past weekend.

Tuesday – Biceps and Triceps:

Morning Cardio:

  • 2400m run with my dog outside

Afternoon Gym Session:

4 x 12 for each:

  • Bench Dips (with 45# plate on my lap)
  • Alternating DB Curl (15# for first two sets, 20# for last two)
  • DB Floor Press (15# for all sets)
  • 21s (with 30# barbell for first two sets, 35# barbell for last two)
  • Overhead Tricep Extension (20# for all sets)
  • Concentration Curls (with 15# DB for all sets)

Wednesday – Cardio, Back, and Abs

  • 2400m run
  • 800m row

Then 10-8-6-4 (# of reps for each set) FOR TIME of:

  • barbell rows (I did 40# all)
  • 5 second superman holds
  • deadlift (I did 135# all)
  • burpees

Then 2 x 1 min each of:

  • pike sit ups
  • plank
  • hollow hold

Thursday – Rest day

On Thursday, I had a planned rest day because 15 of my friends and I went to the CWS and had a grand old time. Did a lot of walking and sweating and then ate some bomb street tacos + chips + guac after the game because yum (not strict paleo, but like I said: YUM).

Friday – Cardio, Leg, and Ab workout based off of this one

  • .5 mile run to warm up

Then 3 x 15 air squats

Followed by 3 x 30 sec each with a 30 sec rest in between each round:

  • mountain climbers
  • plank jacks

Then 3×15 walking lunges

Followed by 3 x 30 sec each with a 30 sec rest in between each round:

Then 3×10 each side, side lunges

Followed by 3 x 30 sec each with a 30 sec rest in between each round:

And finish with a 1 minute wall sit!

I also did a quick ab workout of:

  • 1 minute hip raises
  • 20 leg lifts
  • 30 scissors

My legs are still super sore from this workout even though no weight was involved, and it can easily be performed at home! Definitely one of my favorite workouts in a while.

Saturday – Rest day

On Saturday, I went to the 5th annual Junkstock in Omaha which was the most adorable thing ever! Lots of thrifty finds, great music, and delicious food!

Sunday – Active Rest Day

My best friend and I went on a 11 mile bike ride and then went for a quick swim in the lake!

What are your plans and goals for the week?!

My goals are to get more sleep and cut back on dairy (I’ve been eating way too much of it lately). I also need to get some Fourth of July recipes created for you all, so stay tuned! :)




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