chicken spring rolls + “peanut” sauce {gf, df, vegan option}

Guys guess what. Seriously guess. I bet you’ll never guess. Okay I’ll tell you. The Vietnamese restaurant in my town went out of business. Pretty much the saddest thing to happen since 2012. (not sure what happened in 2012, but I’m sure it was very sad) Continue reading “chicken spring rolls + “peanut” sauce {gf, df, vegan option}”

Paleo BBQ Ribs

Paleo BBQ Ribs | Ellie Eats

Summer is just my favorite. Isn’t it everyone’s? The weather is nicer, we seem to have more free time, we get to swim and do all the fun stuff, our skin gets more beautiful, the sun gives our hair FREE highlighting. Continue reading “Paleo BBQ Ribs”

Easy Jam Recipe

Easy Jam Recipe by PamperedPaleoPB&J is still one of my favorite flavors for everything, and it’s so weird because neither peanut butter nor jelly is paleo. Buuut…when you make your own it is! And almond butter is a pretty good substitute for PB (not peanut butter by any means, but feel me)! This recipe was made initially for my “PB”&J Burger recipe, which is super rad so you must try it, but then I started making jam with the fruit from my garden at least once a week and figured it’s kind of an essential and needs to be shared! Continue reading “Easy Jam Recipe”

Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter and 21DSD Round 3!!!

Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter by PamperedPaleoHey guys! Remember me saying how excited I am about my Vitamix and how I’m going to be posting a ton of recipes using it? Well here’s yet another one…and I have three others currently archived. I’m not gonna lie…the main reason I wanted a Vitamix was to make my own nut butter, and I was shocked by how well it does performing this task! This is just the first of many nut butters I’ll be making with my Vitamix…I may never buy store bought again Continue reading “Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter and 21DSD Round 3!!!”

Sweet & Spicy Pineapple BBQ Sauce

Sweet & Spicy Pineapple BBQ Sauce by PamperedPaleoI LOVE THIS RECIPE! I hate sounding overly confident in my recipe-creating abilities, but omg I really did something good with this one. I set out to make a Caribbean Jerk BBQ sauce to top my Caribbean Jerk Burgers with, Continue reading “Sweet & Spicy Pineapple BBQ Sauce”

Bacon Plantain Guacamole

Bacon Plantain Guacamole by PamperedPaleo

Out of all recipes I’ve created, this one was the toughest, but it was also the one I enjoyed the most. It combined my three absolute favorite things (and I think most people who eat paleo could agree with me): avocados, bacon, and plantain. Yum. Continue reading “Bacon Plantain Guacamole”