Chocolate Eggnog Smoothie

Chocolate Eggnog Smoothie by PamperedPaleoHey guys!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few weeks. I was going to do another week of recipes for Christmas and the holidays like I did for Thanksgiving, but I decided to just stick with family recipes/other people’s recipes and really enjoy myself during this season. Boy did I make a lot of cookies. And eat a lot of cookies. Continue reading “Chocolate Eggnog Smoothie”

Egg Muffins

Egg Muffins by PamperedPaleoAs most of you probably know, I have a serious problem with omelets. Well actually it’s not a problem. They’re good and full of veggies and fun. Continue reading “Egg Muffins”

Sweet & Spicy Roasted Vegetables

Sweet & Spicy Roasted Vegetables by PamperedPaleoI’m always searching for new ways to make vegetables super delicious, because to be honest, sometimes I find it hard to eat my veggies. Continue reading “Sweet & Spicy Roasted Vegetables”

Bacon Roasted Broccoli

Bacon Roasted BroccoliA lot of people think I’m crazy for liking vegetables as much as I do. I never understand why though. Like, I honestly look forward to eating carrots and celery with Justin’s maple almond butter¬†and raisins Continue reading “Bacon Roasted Broccoli”