GoPro is life

So this summer I started GoPro-ing as a way of working for my dad while still having fun. It was hands down one of the greatest ideas I’ve ever come up with, because to be honest I’m not sure we would have done all the crazy stuff we did if it hadn’t been for “doing it for the GoPro”. Continue reading “GoPro is life”

Florida: From Orlando to Key West

I’m gonna try and make this short & sweet because I know no one really cares what you do on vacation except yourself, so here’s the highlights (or just best pictures I guess) of me, Soph, and my mom’s trip to Florida! Continue reading “Florida: From Orlando to Key West”

I’m Mr. Solo Dolo

IMG_8939I’m not sure if you’ve reached an all time height of boredom or passion when you decide to make a detour to a shooting range by yourself just to get a picture because come onnn that sun is in the perfect position with those clouds!!! And it really was, see. But what’s a photoshoot without a rearview mirror pic, shoe pic, and attempted selfie that really just didn’t workout? Continue reading “I’m Mr. Solo Dolo”